Pea Protein

Bioven Ingredients is one of the top leading Pea Protein manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter in India.

Pea protein isolate which is widely used as protein supplement as pea gives high amount of protein to the body and other amino acids which are required for basic diet. There are several proteins from which 9 essential amino acids are required for the body, which are not generally made by the body. Our pea protein isolate has all the essential amino acids which are required by the body to perform day-to-da tasks.
We are manufacturing pea protein in 80% concentration which contains various benefits like source of high-quality protein, Muscle growth, high source of iron, alternative source for vegans, weight loss, supports heart health, easily consumable & digestible which makes it one of the best nutrition supplement in the market.

  • Builds Muscle Mass

  • Keeps you Satiated

  • Benefits Heart

  • Lower Blood Pressure