Transglutaminase (TG) Enzyme

Transglutaminase enzyme catalyses the bond formation between free amino acids causing inter- or intramolecular cross linking in proteins which enhances the color, texture and solidness of the substrate/product. They are of huge significance in food industry and most widely used on soy, caseins, glutens, etc.

Some of the common uses of TG enzyme are-

Meat processing

 Improves the texture of the meat

 Improves the meat binding

 Induces the elimination of phosphates   and caseinates

 Easy slicing

 Improves the appearance of the product

Fish meat processing

    Induces the extra binding and enhances        the strength

    Improves the preservation

    Improves elasticity and texture

    Facilitates easy deboning


Facilitates bread production from damaged and low   protein  flour

Improves performance of gluten free flour

Improvement in dough appearance which lasts for  longer time  period


      Induces the elimination of gelatin

      Increases the cheese production

      Increases and improves texture of cheese

      Increases creaminess into fermented milk products            (eg. Yogurt)