Vitamin Premix


Co-Enzyme Q10

Yeast Beta Glucan

Pea Protein

Soy Lecithin 

Egg Albumin Powder


DHA 10%

Vitamin Premix

Mineral Premix

Soluble Fiber

A premix is a blend of micronutrients that are individually added to pet food in “micro” amounts. Combining these ingredients in a premix simplifies the weighing process and improves accuracy in mixing and distribution of these micronutrients throughout the food.

Premixes are complex mixtures of vitamins,  trace elements and other nutritional additives to incorporate in feed. Moisture, light, oxygen, acidity, abrasion, fat rancidity, carrier, enzymes and medications affect vitamin -and other oligo-element's- stability in premixes.


Prevents and relieves all types of stress conditions effectively thereby, improving production performance. Helps to Develop enhanced body resistance against infections. Ensures optimum calcium and phosphorus levels in the serum.