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Lemon Juice Concentrate

Along with Enzymes,Probiotics, Speciality Chemicals & Other Food Additives,Bioven Ingredients is also one of the leading manufacturer, supplier  and exporter of Lemon Juice Concentrate in India.

Our product is all-natural without any added preservatives and is high in quality. Lemon Juice is available in two forms Lemon Juice Concentrate 4 Fold (Clear) and Lemon Juice Concentrate 4 Fold (Clou​dy). Lemon Juice Concentrate - Lemon Juice Clear Concentrate and Lemon Juice Cloudy Concentrate - is one of the products we make, export, and offer. At our own facilities, the complete product line is prepared in accordance with quality standards.

Lemon Juice is packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber, beta carotene and other vitamins. Lemon Juice Concentrates are widely used in the production of fruit juices, soft drinks, syrups, salad dressing and dairy products all over the world. We use Italian machinery to process the Lemon Juice Concentrates to obtain premium quality pulp. Our products are available in 230kg aseptic bags packed in drums, the product can be stored in ambient, room temperature environment and freezing in not required.

Bioven Ingredients dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. To avoid any quality loss, we ensure that items are prepared in a hygienic setting and packed using high-quality materials. Furthermore, prior to final shipment, we inspect our products on a variety of counts.

Lemon Juice Clear Concentrate

Lemon Concentrate Clear 400GPL is a product manufactured from freshly squeezed lemon juice collected from whole lemons that have been washed and graded to remove impurities and bad fruit. Following the harvest, the lemons are sent to the greatest manufacturing industries, which process and pack the juice utilizing contemporary technology while keeping the fruit's qualities. The temperatures utilized to prepare the fruit ensure that the enzymatic cloud remains consistent. The reconstituted juice has the flavour and colour of single-concentration lemon juice.

Lemon Juice Cloudy Concentrate

Lemon Fruit Concentrate Cloudy 400 GLP is high in B6, C, A, and E vitamins. It also contains a lot of minerals, including niacin (vitamin B3), which reduces cholesterol and promotes brain function. There's also lots of copper, which, among other things, kickstarts collagen creation. Folate is a powerful antioxidant that aids in the prevention of birth abnormalities. Lemon juice concentrate, which is unprocessed and unpasteurized (cloudy), is high in thiamin, calcium, iron, and other nutrients.


  • We manufacture and fill our lemon juice concentrate in facilities with the highest quality and certifications standard that supply our clients worldwide.

  • Our lemon fruit concentrate  has a lot of uses, like dressing, cocktails, bakery, juices, ice creams…

  • Beverage and soft drinks: can be used to make refreshing drinks and cocktails, either as the main ingredient adding only water and sugar to taste or as an ingredient in cocktails, beers or going tonic drinks.

  • Acidifier: can be used as natural acidifier, as a substitute of citric and ascorbic acid

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