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Pioneer in Pallets Manufacturing

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Leading Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceuticals                                              Pellets

Bioven Ingredients is a Leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Pellets in India.Pellets can be used to formulate capsules that deliver single active compounds, as well as multiple.Pellet offers a high degree flexibility in design & development of oral dosage form.Ready-to-fill pellets save the client important time, allowing for quick product introduction and registration without the need for time-consuming product development expenses.

With a great degree of flexibility for the development of oral solid dose formats, our pellets are coated utilising cutting-edge technology to assist achieve above 90% efficiency.

Types of Pellets we Offer

  •  Pharmaceutical Pellets

  • Nutraceutical Pellets

  • Dummy Pellets

  • Pancreatin Pellets

  • Vitamin Pellets

  • Mineral Pellets

  • Extract Pellets

  • Vitamin & Mineral Pellets

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Our Pellets Range

  • Pyridoxine HCL pellets            

  • Benfothiamine Pellets

  • Bion Pellets

  • Methylcobalamine Pellets

  • Folic Acid Pellets

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid Pellets

  • Ascorbic Acid SR Pellets

  • Omeprazole EC pellets 

  • Lansoprazole EC pellets

  • Isosorbide Dinitrate Diluted SR Pellets

  • Rabeprazole sodium EC pellets

  • Pantoprazole sodium EC pellets

  • Esomeprazole mg EC pellets

  • Itraconazole pellets

  • Domperidone SR pellets (1,4,8,12)

  • Tamsulosin HCI SR pellets (2,3,5)

  • Diclofenac sodium SR pellets (1,2,4,6)

  • Orlistat pellets

  • Bromhexine HCL IR Pellets

  • Salbutamol Sulphate IR Pellets

  • Metoprolol Succinate SR

Advantages of Pallets

Because they have a number of benefits for both producers and consumers, pellets have grown in popularity throughout the nutraceuticals sector.

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Easy Coating Pellets
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Pellets have a variety of purposes

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Achieving different release profiles.

Ensures improved flexibility in formulations.

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Enteric coated Pellets. Coating of pellets with different polymers to achieve controlled release rate.


Protecting acid-sensitive ingredients.Chemically incompatible products can be formulated in pellets by encapsulating them.


Masking taste by coating granules with a taste-masking layer prepared by combining the water-insoluble and -soluble polymers, ethylcellulose and hypromellose, respectively.

Sprinkle Pellets.

 Sprinkle formulations have a higher stability compared with liquid formulations during storage.

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Food fortification Pellets: help maintain healthy micronutrient levels to keep your bones strong, help your digestion, and prevent heart issues. 

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Offering pellets in accordance with your needs

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