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Bioven Ingredientsis one of the top leading Enzyme, Probiotics, Micronutrients Premix,  pharmaceutical & Top Nutraceutical manufacturer company based in India, offers a wide range of Enzyme for Different Industiral Purposes, Thermostable Probiotics, Staple Premixes, Vitamin & Mineral Premixes, Advance clinical nutrition products, Health supplements. We provide contract manufacturing & private label services to our client.Bioven Ingredients is one of India's leading exporters, distributors, suppliers, and traders of high-quality food & beverage ingredients. We are also present in International market as a distributor of Quality Food & Pharma Ingrerdients.Bioven Ingredients emerging as a best & Quality Ingredients Suipplier in India and become one-stop-shop solutions to more than 250 products for food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal nutrition and chemical industry which covers 120 + countries and regions in the world.

Bioven Ingredients is a leader in Global trade in Food Ingredients. Due to the wide variety of products in each segment, Bioven Ingredients is dedicated to  helping those  who want to lead a safe lifestyle.We can also help you formulate your customized blends as per your requirement.

We aim to revolutionize the dietary supplement market by offering our products in their purest form with no added  harmful fillers. Through doing so, we aim to inspire and inform our consumers about the value and flexibility of the goods we sell.  Bioven Ingredients is committed to  ensure that it offers the best standard at competitive prices.

Due to wide variety of each segment like Nephrology, Oncology Nutrition, Gynaecology, Gastro & Hepatic Care, Neurology, Immunity, Infertility, Skin-Hair-Nail Care, Sports Nutrition, Sugar Control, Heart Care, Bone & Joint Care, Eye Care, Inborn Errors of Metabolism & more which are available in various dosage forms, it is one of the leading private label supplement manufacturer.

We provide customised packaging options to the client & one of the finest & attractive packaging for your customised formulation. 

With years of experience in the raw ingredients industry, Bioven Ingredients is the perfect match for health and  fitness help.

Bioven Ingredients has mixed technical expertise with market assistance in order to provide its consumers with trustworthy information and outstanding product results. The Bioven team has an outstanding knowledge of the market's intricacy of experienced and well trained leaders and has a good relationship of main investors to push the business forward.


Our Product Ranges


Bioven Ingredients is one of the leading enzyme supplier, distributor & Exporter in India. Enzymes are biocatalysts which when present in a chemical reaction, increases the rate of a reaction without affecting the property and nature of the end product. Almost all enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes. Enzymes are highly specific in their action therefore each enzyme catalyzes only one type of reaction. Enzymes activity can be influenced by a change in pH, temperature, the concentration of substrate present and can be described by Turnover Number.

We are leading  supplier, manufacturer & exporter of a wide range of Enzymes that are distinctive, reliable, and 100 percent safe for consumption.


Bioven Ingredients is one of leading Probiotic manufacturer, supplier, distributor & Exporter in India. Probiotic microorganisms have been part of our food from many centuries, without our knowledge but they always benefited us, best example probiotic containing food is curd which contains billions of Lactobacillus strains imparting health benefits in maintaining our gut (intestine) flora for good digestion. 

We are one of the leading Yeast & Yeast Derivatives manufacturer,  supplier and exporter in India. We manufacturer two types of active instant dry yeast, Brewer's Yeast which is used in  wine and beer production and  Baker's Yeast which  used in baking bread and other bakery products.

Mironutrient         Premix

Bioven Ingredients manufactures a wide range of micronutrient premixes.Vitamin & minerals blend which are used in the fortification of Staples to enhance the caloric values of the staple. We manufacture micronutrients staple premix for Wheat Flour & Maida Fortification, Micronutrient Premix for Oil Fortification, Micronutrient Premix for Milk Fortification, Micronutrients Premix for Rice Fortification, Micronutrients Premix for Maize Flour Fortification and Micronutrients Premix for Animal Feed Fortification.We also manufacture Ready to fill Vitamin & Mineral Premix for Nutraceutical Applications. We are specialises in manufacturing Customised Ready to Fill Vitamin & Mineral Blend for your nutraceutical formulation.


Bioven Ingredients is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor & Exporter of Nutraceutical Products in India. We offer a wide range of Nutraceutical products .

 We are committed to providing quality healthcare products with innovation and affordable approach to serve the patients, our stakeholders, and the healthcare system across the globe. We have Nutraceuticals for various segments like Nephrology, Oncology Nutrition, Gastrology, Gynaecology, Orthology, Inborn Errors of .metabolism, Pediatrics, Immunity, Heart Care, Eye care, Sugar control, Weight management, Infact Nutrition formula, Nutrition Bars, Oral Sprays & many more.

We provoide you the product in Tablet, Capsule, Sachets, Syrup & Drops, Gummies, [Protein Powders, Etc.

Speciality Chemicals

Bioven Ingredients is one of the leading supplier, distributor & Exporter of Speciality Chemicals. Bioven Ingredients offers you a wide range of high quality speciality chemicals to maintain your good health with a healthy lifestyle.We are the global supplier of more than 25+ speciality chemicals.Also for different purpose in yourNutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Products.

Our Specialty Chemicals are as follows:


Bioven Ingredients is a Leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Pellets, Vitamin & Mineral Pellets, Pancreatin Pellets in India.Pellets can be used to formulate capsules that deliver single active compounds, as well as multiple.Pellet offers a high degree flexibility in design & development of oral dosage form.Ready-to-fill pellets save the client important time, allowing for quick product introduction and registration without the need for time-consuming product development expenses.

With a great degree of flexibility for the development of oral solid dose formats, our pellets are coated utilising cutting-edge technology to assist achieve above 90% efficiency.

Customized Packing Available.

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Our Specialized Products

Yeast Beta Glucan

  • Inhibit the free radical in body

  • Stimulate the macrophages of the immune system

  • Modulate an allergic immune of the physical condition(Hypoallergenic)

  • Prevention of Infection and viral diseases

  • Balance cholesterol and fasting blood sugar level

  • Relieve inflamed rheumatism. Lessen the suffer from constipation

  • Enhance and maintain moisture within skin

  • Wound healing and abirritate inflammation

The key strengths of our Company

Are you looking for good quality, natural ingredients that have been responsibly sourced? You've come to the right place.

Products-Bioven Ingredients


We believe natural ingredients can help people to achieve a healthy life. We offer product of wide variety of categories such as Plant Extracts, Sweeteners, Flavors, etc.

Quality-Bioven Ingredients


Bioven Ingredients is a premium scientific herbal ingredients supplier. We have consistently delivered exceptional quality products with a strict emphasis on our quality control.

Facility-Bioven Ingredients


With a great team of research and development we always satisfy our customers through custom manufacturing procedures to ensure the satisfaction.

Interested in Private Labeling?

With our broad collection of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins-minerals & amino acids, we create and develop unique formulas for businesses all over the world.

  • Custom Branding & Label Design

  • Ready-to-Sell Packaging & Labeling

  • Global Supply Chain & Registration Expertise


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