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Pectinase enzyme is commonly known as pectic enzyme and it catalyses the breakdown of a polysaccharide called pectin found in plant cell walls. Pectinase enzyme is commonly extracted from a fungi called Aspergillus niger. 

Pectinase enzyme is widely used in fruit juice extraction and clarification apart from the brewing industry. As both, the fruit juice and brewing industry use plant products thus pectinase enzyme plays a very important role in these two industries. 

Functional properties:

pH: 3.0  - 5.5

Temperature: 45 - 55°C

Some industrial usage of Pectinase enzyme:

  • Fruit Juice Extraction and Clarification:

Fruits are plant products and they contain pectin in high concentrations which makes it little difficult for manufacturers to extract juice from the fruits without use of certain chemicals but pectinase enzyme have reduced this dependency over chemicals.

Pectinase enzyme with other enzymes (Pectinase in higher quantity) break down these pectin molecules into simpler form which makes it easier for juice extraction from the fruits like apple, grapes, strawberries, etc.. Also, after juice extraction, due to presence of remains of pectin juices are turbid and hazy, and here again pectinase enzyme is used to remove this turbidity and haziness.

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