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Probiotics for Animal Nutrition

Probiotics are a crucial component of sustainable methods of animal husbandry because they maintain the health and productivity of farm animals. They increase the productivity and sustainability of farmers' enterprises while promoting the health and welfare of their animals.Probiotics are used in animal feed to improve the wellbeing and output of animals.


1.Enhancing the digestion process. can adjust to the intestinal system and keep it healthy.
2. Aids in boosting immunological function.
3. Aids in preventing illness.
4. enhances feed effectiveness.
5. Can resist pH changes between 3.8 and 9.5.
6. Stable in the presence of acids and bile salts.
7. Can be easily pelletized at high temperatures and is stable to high temperatures.
8. Can be added to various formulations to increase the feed's digestion.
9. Has demonstrated compatibility with coccidiostats, acidifiers, antibiotics, and anti-microbial growth stimulants.
10. Has no waiting period and is safe to use throughout an animal's life cycle.


Feed Yeast-Bioven Ingredients.jpg
Cattle Probiotics-Bioven Ingredients.jpg
Pig Probiotics-Biocven Ingredients.jpeg
Ruminant Probiotics-Bioven Ingredients.jpeg
Aqua Probiotics-Bioven Ingredients.jpg

Poultry (Broilers & Layers)

Cattle (cows, buffalos)

 Pig (boar, porsine)

Aqua Animals(Fish, Shrimp,etc)

Ruminants (sheep, goats, horses, camels)

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