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Lactase Enzyme

Lactase enzyme is one of the essential enzymes necessary for the breakdown of lactose which is found as a natural sweetener in milk and milk products. Lactase is a part of the β-galactosidase enzyme family, also known as Lactase-Phlorizin Hydrolase (LPH). Lactase is found in humans in the small intestine’s villi. 

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of lactase enzyme based in India. Lactase enzyme is mainly used in a medical condition known as lactose intolerance where the person is not able to digest milk or milk products due to complete or partial lack of lactase enzyme formation in their body because of which they require a lactase enzyme as a supplement to consume milk or milk related products which contains lactose under the supervision of dietician or doctor.

This product is an enzyme supplement used to help people who have trouble digesting milk and other dairy products (lactose intolerance). Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk products. Lactase enzyme is normally produced by the body to help break down (digest) lactose.

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