Lipase Enzyme

Fats (lipids) are one of the main nutrients in the food which are consumed by us, they are majorly found in milk, butter, oils, etc. and they are also found in animal tissues in large quantities. We are top manufacturer supplier exporter of enzymes in India. Lipase enzyme breaks  these fats into simple and soluble forms of glycerols and free fatty acid, so that our body can utilize them for energy.

We are leading enzyme manufacturer in India. Lipase enzyme is the most studied enzyme because of its significant role in various industries like - detergent, food, paper & pulp, pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetics, etc. Lipase enzyme is part of the hydrolase family which breaks triglycerides into simpler fatty acid chains by acting on the carboxylic ester bond. Apart from this, lipase enzyme also catalyses many different reactions which are very helpful in food, paper, pharma, detergent, cosmetics and many other industries. 

Some of the uses of lipase enzyme in various industries are:

Dairy Enzymes-Bioven Ingredients

   Dairy & Meat Industry

In dairy: 

  • Used for hydrolysis of milk fat

  • Lipolysis of cream and butter

  • Cheese production, flavor and texture enhancement.

In Meat & Fish:

  • Used for removing fats and flavor development in the meat.

Bakery Enzymes-Bioven Ingredients

       Bakery Industry

In Bakery:

  • Dough flavor enhancement

  • Extends the shelf life of the product

  • Improved texture and softness

  • Used to produce emulsifying lipids


  Brewing & Oil Industry

In Brewing:

  • Used for adding aroma in the beverages

In Edible Oil:

  • Enhances the production

  • Different products can be manufactured using lipase

  • Phospholipid removal