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Nattokinase is one of the most important extracellular enzyme produced by bacteria called Bacillus subtilis natto. Nattokinase enzyme is one of few enzyme which are stable in gastrointestinal tract and that’s makes it even more important in thrombolytic therapy

As the name suggests Nattokinase but it’s not a kinase enzyme, it is a serine protease. Nattokinase enzyme is mostly used as dietary supplement by the people who are having cardiovascular problems as when nattokinase enzyme exhibits the property of thinning of blood by dissolving the blood clots in the blood vessels or blood stream.

Functional properties:

  • pH: 6.0 - 8.0

  • Temperature: 30-50°C

Prime Industrial Uses:

  • It helps in normalizing blood pressure.

  • Removes the blood clot and reduces the chances of clotting in the bloodstream.

  • Used widely in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for the manufacturing of supplements for heart patients.

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