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 Transglutaminase (TG) Enzyme

Transglutaminase enzyme catalyses the bond formation between free amino acids causing inter- or intramolecular cross linking in proteins which enhances the color, texture and solidness of the substrate/product. They are of huge significance in food industry and most widely used on soy, caseins, glutens, etc.

Some of the common uses of TG enzyme are-

Meat Enzymes-.Bioven Ingredients

          Meat processing

  •  Improves the texture of the meat

  • Improves the meat binding

  •  Induces the elimination of phosphates and  caseinates   

  • Easy slicing            

  • Improves the appearance of the product.

dairy-products-Bioven Ingredients


  • Induces the elimination of gelatin

  • Increases the cheese production

  • Increases and improves texture of cheese

  • Increases creaminess into fermented milk                                  products   (eg. Yogurt)

Fish Meat Processing-Bioven Ingredients

      Fish meat processing

  • Induces the extra binding and enhances the strength

  • Improves the preservation

  • Improves elasticity and texture

  • Facilitates easy deboning

Tofu-Bioven Ingredients


  • Improves the binding in soy product

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases (added in         

Food supplement                     

  • It helps in neutralization of harmful free radicals (added in food supplements),  (Anti – inflammatory and anti-ageing property used in   cosmetics)        

Bakery-Bioven Ingredients


  • Facilitates bread production from damaged and low   protein  flour

  • Improves performance of gluten free flour

  • Improvement in dough appearance which lasts for  longer time  period

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